The Association for the Study Of Mind – In the MENA region

Who we are

The society aims at gathering academic researchers, across the MENA region and beyond, who have the mind as a research interest. We aim at offering a platform of exchange, overcoming the isolation academic researchers experience in most of MENA, ultimately creating a community.

Currently, 7 researchers are at the heart of the association:

Tamer AMIN, Learning Sciences, AUB
Bana BASHOUR, Philosophy, AUB
Ray BRASSIER, Philosophy, AUB
Lina CHOUEIRI, Linguistics, AUB
Shady ELBASSUONI, Computer Science, AUB
Yasmina JRAISSATI, Philosophy, AUB
Samar ZEBIAN, Cognitive psychology, LAU


The society is inclusive in terms of disciplinary background, as long as researchers contribute to the study of the mind. Our areas of interest include, but are not limited to: cognitive sciences, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, anthropology.

The association should be viewed as framework within which research groups with narrower interests can be formed across disciplines and geographical areas.

The society is open to research done in Arabic, English and French.

ASOM aims at revitalising high-quality academic research in the MENA region by:

  • Holding regular informal talks throughout the year
  • Holding lecture series

And ultimately:

  • Hosting a yearly or bi-annual international conference
  • Publishing the proceedings of the conference
  • Creating a journal that meets international standards of quality


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