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Submission guidelines

“What’s on your mind?” is the ASOM blog. We here publish posts, featuring original content.

The posts are peer reviewed, to the extent that no post is published without at least one or two editors reading and approving it, to ensure the quality of the content.

The submission and reviewing process is not blind. To the contrary, we seek to create a community and possibilities for collaboration.

Criteria and guidelines to authors


  • The posts are exclusively about the mind
  • They can be set within any disciplinary background and be on any relevant topic
  • Posts can vary from a contribution, to a comment on a published paper, a comment on the media, etc. There are no limits, as long as the content is relevant, and of quality

Format and instructions

  • Posts should be written in a way that is readable to a wide audience
  • This blog is scientific nevertheless: We will only consider posts that respect the minimal requirements of a scientific publication:
    • Accurate
    • Informative
    • Precise
    • Clear
  • Posts can be anywhere between 500 and 1200 words
  • If you are referring to papers, please specify (Author Name, Date), in the text and add the reference in the end of the post
  • If you are referring to something in the media, please include the relevant links or references in the text
  • Specify 3 keywords that describe your post’s content in the very beginning of your post
  • Specify “Submission” in the title of your post


  • If you’d like to submit a post for publication, first register to the website – as only members can contribute.
  • The  write us an e-mail (contact AT to request the ‘contributor’ profile.
  • Once this profile is granted to you, you will be able to submit your post online. We will then review the post and let you know our decision and comments.


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